How to Maintain Your Automated Home-Security Gate

Posted on: 18 January 2017

An automated home-security gate can be a great addition to your compound, as it can boost your home safety while making for an elegant main entrance to your residence. Many homeowners opt for automated gates because they are generally reliable and easy to operate.

However, proper care is required to keep the gate working reliably. Failure to care for your security gate could lead to premature malfunctions of the moving parts or electric circuit boards, necessitating costly repairs. What's worse is that a lack of maintenance could also compromise the gate's warranty. Here are simple tips you can use to maintain your automated home-security gate.

Start with a thorough visual inspection

Typically, a sliding automated gate will have many components that have to work together for the gate to open and close properly. Check for dents in the metal racks or gate panels and straighten them or have a professional come in to make necessary repairs. You should also check for loose connections in the circuit board, missing rollers or bearings, and obstructions in the metal racks. If the drive belt appears to be sagging, have it adjusted by your gate installer immediately. 

Next, ensure that all bolts are properly screwed in place. If you notice any loose bolts on the cables, call in a gate technician to tighten them, as trying to screw them back in place yourself could cause the cable to snap. Finally, check the pivot points for signs of damage and have the gate panels re-coated if the paint layer appears peeled, flaked, or faded. 

Clean and lubricate

Keeping your gate clean not only helps to boost its appearance but also can prevent damage. Accumulated grime on the panels can soak up moisture and gradually break down your gate's finish, leading to corrosion. Dirt particles can also accumulate in the metal racks, preventing the smooth movement of rollers and bearings. 

Simply sweeping dirt off the metal racks and washing the panels with water and mild household detergent can help prevent such problems. Just be sure to avoid getting water on the electrical connections and on the door opener. Once the gate dries out, lubricate the chain-belt, rollers, bearings, and other moving metal parts so as to keep them working smoothly and efficiently.

While cleaning the gate, be sure to remove cobwebs that can trap moisture and accelerate rust and corrosion. Remember to also wipe off any snail or slug trails near the electrical circuit, as they can harbor moisture and act as electrical conductors.