Young Children And Garage Door Openers: 3 Tips For Keeping Your Little One Safe

Posted on: 19 January 2017

Modern technological advances have made lives easier than ever before. However, new technology also poses new hazards to young children that you may or may not be aware of. Take your garage door opener, for instance. Did you know that multiple children are severely injured, even killed, in garage door accidents each year? Most of the injuries are crush injuries that occur when the door comes down on the child, exerting up to 130 pounds of pressure. Generally speaking, garage doors are safe, but there is a chance that a young one can get injured. For this reason, you should always follow these three tips for keeping your little one safe.

Keep Controllers Out of Reach

Many garage door opener accidents happen when children play around with the controls. Your child should never have access to remotes or automatic controls. Keep remotes up and out of their reach or in a great hiding place. If you do hide your remote, keep changing the spot. Kids are great detectives. If you have a mounted control in your garage, make sure it is placed high up on the wall where children can't reach it. Also, talk to your child about garage door safety, and make a rule that only adults operate the door.

Test Your Automatic Sensors

Most garage doors have automatic sensors that will stop the door if there is an obstruction or a child under it. However, not all sensors work like they're supposed to, especially if they're older. In the year 1996, a study showed that nearly 40 percent of garage door openers failed to reverse when coming into contact with a child. They did great when encountering hard objects, such as blocks, tires, and tools. But children don't pose as much of an obstacle. If you want to see if your door will stop for a child, place a large roll of paper towels under it and test it. 

Have Your Door Inspected Regularly

Safe garage doors are inspected garage doors. If you have a garage door, especially one with an automatic opener, you have to get it inspected regularly to uncover possible safety issues. The more you use your door, the more often you should have it inspected. However, once a year is appropriate for most people. 

Children can easily get hurt when playing around with technology. Always use safety precautions around moving objects, such as your automatic garage door. For more on this topic, contact a company like Raynor Door Company.