3 Step Guide Finding The Problem When Your Garage Door Does Not Open

Posted on: 27 February 2017

When coming home from work one evening, you may have discovered that your garage door wouldn't open. If so, use the three steps below to try to find out what is causing the problem: the door, the switch, or the garage door opener itself.

Step 1:  Check The Garage Door

Before you turn your attention to the garage door opener and its components, the first thing you should do is check the garage door to see if the trouble is being caused by blocked or bent tracks. 

To check to see if the door is the culprit, flip the emergency door switch to release it from the opener. Then, try to lift the door by hand. If you meet with resistance or the door buckles, the problem is most likely with it. However, if you are able to easily open and close the door, go on to the next step.

Step 2:  Try Both The Remote And Wall Garage Door Opener

After ruling out a mechanical problem with the door, turn your attention to the remote and wall controls to see if the problem lies in one of these. First, try the remote control to see if you can open the door (make sure to hook it back up to the opener first). If not, first change the batteries, then try again.

If the door still won't open, try hitting the wall switch. If it opens at this point, your remote control may be malfunctioning. However, if cannot open the door with either of the controls, the trouble could be with the garage door opener.

Step 3:  Listen To The Garage Door Opener

If you are still unable to open your garage door, the next step involves listening to the opener to see if it is operational. You will need another person to help you with this step.

Stand on a stepladder or chair so your head is directly under the garage door opener. Have your helper hit the wall switch as you listen for any sounds coming from the unit.

If you hear any whining or grinding noises and the garage door still doesn't open, there could be a problem with the motor. If you don't hear anything, there may be a problem with the connection or sensors. Either way, you may want to have a professional come and look at it.

After going through the above steps, you should have an idea as to what is keeping your garage door from opening. If you suspect the garage door opener is the culprit, you may want to contact a service that offers repair services so they can inspect the opener and make suggestions on how to fix it. Contact a company like Edison Overhead Door to learn more.