5 Things To Consider About Upgrading A Manual Garage Door

Posted on: 28 February 2017

If you're moving into a house that has a garage with a manual door, you may be considering an upgrade to add an automatic opener. While an upgrade will definitely add some value to your home, there are some factors to consider if you're deciding if it's time to make the upgrade or not.

The Weather

The nice thing about an automatic opener is that you never need to get out of the car to open it. If you live in a region that sees nice weather all year round, like California, the weather will always be nice and you'll never need to worry about going into the rain to open the door. If your region frequently sees snow, rain, or even hail, an automatic garage door may be a worthwhile investment.


Another issue with getting out of the car to operate a manual door is that people often leave their car running to do so. This actually puts you at risk for locking your keys in your car, or even theft. A running car without anybody behind the wheel could make it a target for getting stolen, even though you are just a few feet away from it. The alternative, which is to temporarily turn off your car, it not going to be good on the engine with so many frequent starting and stopping.

Ease of Use

A manual door will require some strength for opening and closing it each time, which could be difficult for older people that use your garage or if you become injured. It's a concern that won't even cross your mind if you have an automatic opener installed.

No Use For Automation

Some people don't use their garage for parking their car, but use it for storage or a work area. If you are using your garage as an extension of your home for a hobby or getting things out of the way, there may be no need to install an automatic opener on the garage door, sine you'll rarely be opening it.

Fewer Things To Break

When you do have an automatic opener, it does have many moving parts that work in harmony for the door to automatically open and close. It is something that can break over time, which will require repair or replacement depending on how bad the damage is. You must realize that the cost of having an automatic opener goes beyond just the cost of the parts and installation.

If you decide that having an automatic garage door opener is worth it, have a local garage door technician, like  AAA Garage Door, Inc., handle it all for you.