Signs It's Time To Replace Your Garage Door

Posted on: 28 February 2017

Before you call your garage door repair team again, you might want to consider these signs that it's time to replace your garage door.

It Keeps Breaking Down

A single malfunction isn't such a big deal with garage doors. The door has a lot of moving parts, and you can expect for one of them to break every now and again. But if your repairs have added up to roughly 50% of the garage door's value, then you're probably spending too much. A higher-quality garage door installation will pay off in the long run.

Your Technology Is Old

Newer garage door technology can improve your life in many ways. For one, the newest garage door openers are extremely speedy and quiet, making them more convenient than ever. If you have a high-tech garage door setup, it also gives you more options for hooking your door up to smart home monitoring systems so that you can alter your security settings remotely. Another area of technology that keeps improving is the energy efficiency of garage doors. If you don't have a garage door with an insulated core, you are missing out on the chance to reduce your energy bill. All of the above are opportunities that could save you both money and time, making it worthwhile to consider replacing a broken door completely.

Your Budget Has Changed

If you got your original garage door along with your home, you might have been conservative about spending money on a garage door installation. But if you now have more money to invest in your home, consider looking at different materials and configurations that could improve your security or your home's appearance. Let your garage door specialist show you some models that could accomplish your goals better.

When Should You Keep Your Garage Door?

On the other hand, replacing your garage door isn't always necessary. If the door is less than 5-10 years old, it probably has a good lifespan left on it. All that may be needed is for you to keep up with the maintenance schedule a bit better. If there is just one part of the garage door system that isn't working well for you, your garage door repair technician might be able to help you simply swap out that part for something more high-end. That's a lot cheaper than replacing an entire door that's really only malfunctioning in one area.

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