The Truth Behind These 2 Garage Door Myths

Posted on: 28 February 2017

While garage doors require very little attention aside from some annual maintenance, there are misconceptions about garage doors for painting and insulation. Here is the truth behind two garage door myths.

Myth 1: Garage Doors Don't Need Insulation

It's common for garages to not have heating and cooling in them, so they are typically colder or hotter than your house in the winter and summer respectively. Since they are not the same temperature, many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that a garage door doesn't need insulation. This is simply not true. If an attached garage is not properly insulated, it is going to make your home colder or hotter as a result. Garages need insulation, or else cold or hot air will eventually penetrate your home and make your HVAC system work harder than it has to.

Your garage door is going to be the weak point for insulation in your garage, and you can have additional insulation installed on the rear of the garage door to protect your home and the garage from the weather outside. It is attached directly to the garage door with an adhesive, which will make a dramatic difference when it comes to heat transfer and drafts. While the benefits may not be immediately noticeable, you'll have lower heating and cooling bills as a result, and potentially have equipment that lasts a little bit longer.

Myth 2: Only Vinyl and Wood Garage Doors Can Be Painted

An important aspect of a home is having great curb appeal, and your garage door is a big object that can make a home look bad if the door is in disrepair. A misconception is that the only materials that can be painted are vinyl and wood, with metal being difficult to repair. This is another myth that is not true. Metal doesn't need to be left to become an eyesore.

The trick with painting a metal door is to do it properly. Using the wrong kind of paint could cause the paint to peel right off the garage door after a couple weeks. The key is using latex paint, which will bond to the metal door and not peel off easily.

Taking steps to maintain your garage door will give your home more value, and help the door last longer. For help performing any of this kind of maintenance, like painting the door or adding insulation, speak with a local garage door contractor in your area.